Just relaxing… EotS Day 13


Elfie had such a long trip back to Santa last night that she just needed to rest when she got back to our house. This morning she decided to take one of our cloth napkins and make a hammock with it using our salt and pepper shakers. She also had some paint with her and my daughter had a blast painting that night. (We were suppose to do some salt painting, hence the salt, but my daughter just wanted to paint on paper with watercolor instead).


Who’s been sitting in my chair?!?!?! EotS Day 12

This morning when my daughter woke up she found Elfie sitting in her chair with the remote and popcorn everywhere!


She also found a copy Despicable Me 2 that we had rented to watch that night with some popcorn and M&M’s.

What a puzzling adventure! EotS Day 11


When my daughter woke up this morning she found Elfie working on one of her puzzles. Not to worry though, Elfie had brought her a new puzzle (one she had picked out before but somehow forgot about and never opened).

Day 19 play dough


Tomorrow is C’s last day of school before Christmas break. One of the gifts C is giving to her classmates is gingerbread play dough. So it was only fitting that Elfie got into the play dough and left her with all the ingredients to make gingerbread play dough after I got home from work.

Special Activity: Gingerbread play dough

Just a hop, skip and a jump! EotS Day 10


One day when we went to a local grocery store in one of the aisles they had hopscotch on the floor. I practically had to drag my daughter out of that aisle just so we could leave. So I thought it might be something fun for Elfie to do. So I grabbed some chalk and a side of a cardboard box and created an Elfie sized hopscotch board.

Daily Activity: For her “gift” today she received a roll of masking tape to make our own hopscotch game after dance practice tonight.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! EotS Day 9


Today in the forecast we are suppose to be getting some snow. It has snowed here already but not much and it is already melted. So now that we have Elfie I thought it would be the perfect time to bring out the snowflakes!

When C woke up this morning she found Elfie cutting up coffee filters with her scissors. She was pretty excited that Elfie had her scissors and wanted to start making snowflakes right then and there. But this morning was her Christmas program at church so she had to wait until after church.

For her “gift” that Elfie brought with her was about 5 coffee filters that she could cut and make her own snowflakes. When she was cutting her snowflakes she did not want to fold it up so she just made her snowflakes by making cuts along the whole edge.

Elf on the Shelf- Day 8


Chugga-chugga Choo-choo! I think last night when we watched The Polar Express Elfie really got into the movie because this morning we found her riding on one of my son’s trains on his train table.

Special Activity- Last year my community started the Snowflake Express. I heard about it too late last year so we did not go because it was sold out. I was NOT letting that happen again this year. As soon as I heard about it I went and got tickets (good thing I did, it sold out not even 3 hours later).

The event is a fundraiser for local charity The Magical Mix Kids, which raises money to take chronic and terminally ill children from Eastern Iowa to Disney World. The Snowflake Express gives kids a ride on a real locomotive. It includes Santa, train conductors, a story, hot chocolate and cookies and a sleigh bell for all kids. I thought my kids would absolutely love this!!!

Just Hanging! – EotS Day 7


Elfie must have wanted to check out the Christmas tree because that is where we found her this morning. She was stuck in the tree just like an ornament.

Special Activity- Every year I like to have the kids make an ornament to hang on the tree and also to give as grandparent gifts. I saw these cute snowman hand print ornaments on Pinterest and thought that would be the perfect ornament for this year.


Elf on the Shelf- Dear Santa…. Day 6


Elfie was really busy during the night writing a letter to Santa.

Special Activity- writing letter to Santa


Zip line Adventures of Elfie- day 5 EotS


WHEE!!! Elfie sure had fun zooming through the living room last night. When we woke up we found Elfie using a candy cane to zipline from the Christmas tree to the bookshelf.

Special Activity: Putting Candy canes on the tree







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