Kindergarten here we come class book

20131112-060310.jpgAt the beginning of the year we really focus on names. For this activity I cut up the letters in each students’ name and had them put it back together and glue it on the page. Then they had to dictate what they like to do to me and I wrote it on the blank space on the page.

20131112-060328.jpgAfter the students had completed putting their names together and drawing pictures of what they liked to do we hung them on a bulletin board in the classroom for everyone to see. After I took them off the bulletin board we made it into a classbook and put it in the classroom library.




The Kissing Hand Class Book


Every year on the first day of school we read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Petruly my goal for the school year is to incorporate class books into our reading library in the classroom.

After we read The Kissing Hand I gave each student a page of our book. I traced their hand on the paper and let them color it in. I also asked them how they felt on the first day of school. After they were done decorating their hand they glued a red heart in the middle of their palm to represent the kiss. I got this idea off of Pinterest from Chalk Talk!


And this one below cracks me up!


He said he was wanting to stay home! Oh well, at least he’s honest!!!!