If I were a Pilgrim on the Mayflower I would bring…

This week we have been learning about the Mayflower and what it was like. To end our week we made these cute little pilgrims. I used the small paper plates and had them paint them. While they were drying we made the hats with buckle. After the paint was dry I had the kids draw on faces. We then hung them up along with all of our other Thanksgiving themed activities.



I know an old lady who swallowed a pie


I needed to think of something to display above students cubbies to reflect the Thanksgiving season. I found this cute idea on Pinterest from Welcome to Room 36! and thought it would be cute to do. We read the book I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie. After we read the book we discussed as a whole group the things the old lady ate in the book. Then I had search student pretend they were the old lady and if they were the old lady what they would eat. We created a list of things that we would eat. Next I had the students go back to their seats and finish the sentence frame that says:If I were the old lady I would swallow a ________. After they were done writing we gave each student a square piece of paper and had them draw a picture of the food that matched what they wrote on the sentence frame.


To create the old lady I could not find a template to print out and use ( I could have swore I found a template somewhere online). I just drew an oval for the face first. After I had the head cut out I placed the white paper on top of the head to free draw the hair. To make the mouth I traced the bottom half of the head onto black paper and just cut out the mouth a little smaller than the actual size of the head. Then we added googly eyes and I had the students draw details if they wanted. I think they turned out really cute!