Reward Coupons- Behavior management


I found this idea while looking through…. yep, Pinterest! I like the idea of having cheap and easy rewards for students that don’t have me spending a lot of money. In the past I have only done prize box and candy box. Let me tell you that it seemed like I was always at the store trying to find little trinkets for the treasure box and bags of candy for the candy box.

I found many different versions of these reward cards online so I took some ideas from different sources and created my own reward cards. I also printed out just a copy of the picture I used to distinguish each reward and glued it to the front of a library pocket card and laminated them. I after they swerve laminated I used a box cutter to open the pocket up and slid the reward card into the library pocket.

Here are the rewards I chose to use ( we do not leave them all out for students to chose from each time we rotate through them so its not so overwhelming):

Cubes- extra time to play with connecting cubes

Blocks- extra time to play with the block center

Artist-free draw

Computer- extra time on the computer

IPad- extra time on the IPad

Game time- time to play a twisted twister, Candyland, Guess Who, etc…)

Promethean board- extra time on the Promethean board

Guest Reader- student gets to read a story to the class

Teacher, Teacher- student gets to be the teacher during calendar time the next day

Roll Away- student gets to sit in rolly chair all day

Lunch Date- eat lunch with the teacher

Rock Out- student gets to listen to music while they work

Chomp,Chomp- chew gum

lets get moving- choose what video we dance/exercise the next day

First in Line- get to be first all day

Show and tell – bring something from home to share with rest of class

Treasure- treasure box stuffed animal- bring stuffed animal to school (or teacher will provide one)

Sweet tooth- candy box

These reward cards go along with our behavior management clip chart  system we have in place in our classroom. At the end of each day the students get a ticket(s) tha t correspond to each color on the chart. Purple=3 tickets, Blue= 2 tickets, Green= 1 ticket, Yellow = no tickets, Red = owe 1 ticket. Every Friday we count our tickets ( great 1:1 practice). For every 5 tickets they have they get to chose one prize. Each student has the opportunity to get up to 3 prizes (15 tickets) per week. I keep track on a spreadsheet their end of the day color and which prize(s) they pick each time.