Leprechaun Math Activity

leprechaungoldmath1 We have been working really hard on addition story problems in math. since St. Patricks day is right around the corner we decided to do a festive math activity. Each student got a pot and chose a few pieces of “gold.” I had them put some pieces of gold on one side of the pot and the rest on the other side of the pot.

After they had their gold glued down they had to finish the addition story sentence frame to relate to their leprechaun. It says my leprechaun has _____ proceeds of gold. I gave him _____ more Pieces of gold. Now he has _____ pieces of gold.
leprechaungoldmathI found this activity from ¬†eberhart’s Explorers.



New year goals


When we came back from Winter break we took the time to talk about goals and more specifically setting goals. We began by reading Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller. The each student used their think time to think of a goal they would like to set for the year. I did not make them choose goals that were school related but you easily could. Below are just a couple of examples of the goal people the kids made.

20140203-092043.jpgMy goal in 2014 is to be nice to my cousins. I love how she had to put beads in her hair and even added her glasses!!!

20140203-092056.jpgMy goal in 2014 is to learn to read.

Ten Frame Heart Match Up: Numbers 1-30

ten frame 1to30

One of the biggest things my students are still working on is counting with one to one correspondence and number identification. Included in this packet are ten frames from 1 to 30 and the written numerals 1 to 30. Students match the ten frame to the correct written numeral. For the majority of my students this is what their IEP goals are in the area of math.

You can get it here!

Rhyming Heart Match Up: Picture Rhymes

rhyming heart match up

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and to add variety to my rhyming games) I created this heart themed picture rhyming game. This game includes 40 pairs of picture rhymes, answer key, I can poster and it aligns to the Common Core. My students love playing these games, I hope yours will too!

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Mitten Match Up: Picture Rhymes

mittenmatchuprhymingIf your students are anything like mine they still struggle with rhyming. After playing the two random rhyming games I have at work I needed something new. So I created this mitten rhyming game. How I use it is I have the students find the pairs of rhyming pictures and then have the students hang the mittens up to dry in pairs on my makeshift clothesline in my classroom. You could also just have the kids match the pairs together.
This packet includes 18 rhyming picture pairs. It aligns to the Common Core and includes an I Can poster to use within the classroom.

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