Memory Candles


Both my husband and I had family members who were not present with us at our wedding because they had passed away. Both of my maternal grandparents are deceased and hubby’s paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother are deceased as well. I can’t remember where exactly I found the idea and I also had a little saying in a picture frame to go along with the memory candles that I need to look for and will post when I find it.  Even though they were not physically there they were there in spirit.


OOT Bags- CD Favor

So I got this brainiac idea from a local scrapbooking store where I used to take scrapbooking classes at. The owner had made some sort of anniversary memory album that included a CD. I thought these CD favors would be perfect for our wedding. At first I was going to make these for each guests as their favor but in the end decided that one per couple or one per single guest would be just fine.

So at my local mainstreet scrapbooking store I found these 6 by 6 inch (I believe that was there dimensions) square mini posterboard squares. There was 6 squares for each mini scrapbook.  What I did was folded it in half so that there were just 3 squares. On the third square (Farthest right) I cut the front at a diagonal for the CD to be placed.

I then found scrapbook paper at the same local scrapbooking store that had my wedding colors and a nice design that I could use for the cover of my favors. The first thing I did was scrapbook the front of the favors. I made sure to cut the paper a little larger than the actual size of the album so that it could fold over to the back without leaving any extra space. On the back side of the favors I cut 6 by 6 square pieces of aqua cardstock  to fit perfectly on each of the 3 inside squares.


On the first inside square I put a sticker with a wedding theme at the top left with an engagement picture centered on the left square. In the middle I had my husband write the name of the songs that were on the CD. On the right I put the CD.


For the CD I got a Luau CD that had Hawaiian theme songs. It was Drew’s Famous Luau CD. I then bought some CD labels from Wal-Mart and printed our monogram and info on the CD label.

AHR (At-Home Reception) Invites

Since we had a small destination wedding we decided to have a big at home reception in our hometown about a month and a half after we got married. 

Here is the wording we used for our at home reception invitations:

           The parents of ____________ and ___________ proudly announce that their children were married  on (date) in a private ceremony on the tropical shores of Hawaii.

           Please join us in celebrating their joyful union with dinner and dancing  (Date of AHR), 5:30 in the evening, (place), (town).

Once again I decided that I wanted to “save” money by making everything myself (and making my hubby help). Even though we saved a ton of money these took a ton of time to make. I used black 7 1/2 by 7 1/2 cardstock (Hobby Lobby), 6 1/2 by 6 1/2  aqua cardstock (Hobby Lobby), and 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 white cardstock with aqua writing.

Along the left side of the white cardstock on the invitation I dry embossed the invitations using a palm tree stencil and aqua stamping pad.

Instructions on dry embossing:

1. Line up stencil where you want it on the cardstock.

2. Tape the stencil on the front of the invitation where you want it to be

3. Turn the cardstock over onto a clear light table (I made a DIY light table by using a flashlight and a piece of glass from a picture frame I was not using at the time)

4. Using a dry embossing tool and the flashlight on use the dry embossing tool to emboss your stencil onto the invitation.

5. Turn invitation over and using a foam stamper use the color of the ink you want and lightly ink the embossed stencil





Following the same format as the at home reception invites we also dry embossed the RSVP cards as well.

OOT Bags- Water bottles and luggage tags

Since it is rather warm in Hawaii we decided to create personalized water bottle labels for all our guests. We included these in our welcome bags for each guest. We put our monogram in the center and included love facts and “ingredients” on the sides of our monogram.  I just used sticker paper and printed them on my printer.

I thought it would be a cute idea to create luggage tags for all of our guests that attended the wedding as a little thank you for coming. I created these on My Publisher using our monogram, On the back of the luggage tags I put the names of the guests and then attached them to their welcome bags.  I found badge holders at Wal-Mart and used those as luggage tags.