Turkey Fun!


With Thanksgiving coming up next week we have been talking about turkeys a lot. We studied what turkeys are, what they have and what they can do. We then brainstormed a list (see below) of each of those 3 guiding questions.  I also put each Common Core standard we were working on as well so that way I could show how it is aligned to the CORE.


Each student got a response sheet that I found on Pinterest from The Kindergarten Center and copied one thing from each column onto their paper.


After we were all done writing it was time to make our turkeys. We are currently in our unit about repeating patterns so naturally this activity also lended itself to math as well as reading and writing. I had the students create turkey that had their feathers in a repeating pattern. Our students are really good with AB patterns and that is what most of them chose to make.



Skeleton Hiccups craftivity


I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest from Finally in First about making a skeleton out of Q-Tips. First we read the book Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler. The students really enjoyed this book and joined in on the repeated text in the book. After we read the book we discussed different ways the author was trying to convey to her readers on how to stop the skeleton’s hiccups. We then talked about what they would do if they had to try and get rid of the skeleton’s hiccups. After they finished the sentence frame: I would get rid of the skeleton’s hiccups by _______ I had them use Q-tips to create a skeleton. We talked about the different features our skeleton’s should have (head, eyes, mouth, arms, legs, body). As an accommodation for the IEP kids I had already sketched out a body outline and had them glue down Q-tips to my drawing. This seemed to help them a lot.

Here are some pictures of our skeletons:





Name bats


Halloween was quickly approaching and I wanted to make the classroom feel festive. We needed something new to hang from the ceiling. At the time we were really working on the -at word family in reading groups.  So when thinking about something that reflected the season I thought it was appropriate to make bats. Our lower groups were still having trouble with their names so I decided that we could have the kids write their names on the bats. I wrote each students’ name on the bat with a white crayon. Then I had the students use a q-tip and puffy paint (shaving cream and glue) to trace the name on the bat. They turned out cute but the puffy paint was a little tricky for some of the kids with greater fine motor deficits. For them I might just use a white paint pen next time.



I know an old lady who swallowed a pie


I needed to think of something to display above students cubbies to reflect the Thanksgiving season. I found this cute idea on Pinterest from Welcome to Room 36! and thought it would be cute to do. We read the book I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie. After we read the book we discussed as a whole group the things the old lady ate in the book. Then I had search student pretend they were the old lady and if they were the old lady what they would eat. We created a list of things that we would eat. Next I had the students go back to their seats and finish the sentence frame that says:If I were the old lady I would swallow a ________. After they were done writing we gave each student a square piece of paper and had them draw a picture of the food that matched what they wrote on the sentence frame.


To create the old lady I could not find a template to print out and use ( I could have swore I found a template somewhere online). I just drew an oval for the face first. After I had the head cut out I placed the white paper on top of the head to free draw the hair. To make the mouth I traced the bottom half of the head onto black paper and just cut out the mouth a little smaller than the actual size of the head. Then we added googly eyes and I had the students draw details if they wanted. I think they turned out really cute!

Fall rhyming hallway design


We  have been working hard on our rhyming in reading.  Conferences were coming up and we had the students draw a picture of two things that rhyme. Normally we would just put the paper up in the hall that they drew their rhyming words on and call it good. I wanted to make it a little more appealing to the eye.  So naturally one Friday night after I had put the kids to bed I sat up trying to think of a cute catchy rhyme that we could use. I searched Pinterest and google and I couldn’t find anything I absolutely loved. Since its fall and who doesn’t think of pumpkins in the fall I thought up this little rhyme: pumpkins pumpkins orange and round, look at all the rhymes we found.

Great! I had my rhyme but what was I going to do for the hallway display. My initial thought was pumpkins on orange construction paper. But for 85 kids? That would take all my orange paper and then some! So as I was at Dollar Tree the following day the thought hit me to use paper plates as the pumpkins. So I took them to school and had just my class paint them (if it didn’t turn out good I didn’t want to waste everyone else’s time). Well they turned out pretty cute so we went ahead and painted the plates. I had to cut up everyone’s rhyming paper to fit on the pumpkin. I added stems to each pumpkin and put each students’ name on the pumpkin since I had cut their names off of the original paper.

One of the pre-school assistants, who is also very creative, made the suggestion of a vine when I told her my crazy hallway design. So I went into the teacher workroom and got some green butcher paper. I cut it into small strips and twisted it up to make a 3-d vine. Overall I say it turned out cute!

I also wanted a wagon for the pumpkins. I made this out of cardboard( it was a fisher price box from one of my kids toys at home)! I just eyeballed it and I think it turned out pretty good.

The only problem I had with this whole display was keeping it up in the hall. We just have the brick outside our rooms so to keep cardboard, a vine and all those pumpkins took many rolls of packing tape, command strips and anything else I could get my hands on. Even that didn’t hold up the wagon or bottom pumpkins. We would come in each day and pray that nothing had fallen down. One day everything was down (good thing I got there early to fix it).