The best things… Shadow box handprint gift



My mom lives in Alaska so when I think of gifts to make for her I have to think about what will ship or travel well. Lucky for me my mom and her husband just so happen to be”vacationing” down in Iowa to see family. My mom’s birthday was this past Tuesday¬† so I had to think of something that would fit in her bag to take back on the plane. Naturally, I turn to Pinterest to get ideas. When I saw this idea I knew it was the one we were going to make. I had a shadow box laying around that I was thinking about putting in a garage sale.

I used a piece of white cardstock cut down to size so that it would fit in the box. I had each of my kids pick a color of paint that they wanted to use. My 4 year old picked pink and my 2 year old picked yellow! The only problem I ran into was the lettering. I used my Cricut to cut out the letters with the intention of putting the letters through my sticker machine and just sticking the letters on the shadow box. Well the sticky back of the letters left a residue on the glass that I just didn’t care for. So I did the more difficult thing and took the paper that I cut out the letters/words from and cut and pasted them onto the shadow box where I wanted each word to be located. Last, I used a black fine tip paint marker that I had laying around and just stenciled the words on the glass. I think it turned out pretty good! My mom absolutely LOVED it!


Elmo birthday party invitations






For my son’s 2nd birthday I gave him the option of Mickey Mouse or Elmo. He chose Elmo! I googled an Elmo head and then printed it out and traced it onto black card stock paper. Then on Word I shrunk the Elmo head a little so that I could trace it onto red card stock to make Elmo’s head. After I had traced all the Elmo heads out I then cut apart the mouth,nose and eyes to trace onto paper and cut. Then I glued everything together and ta-da! I think it turned out super cute!


On the back of the invitation I added in the information. Originally we had planned to have his party at a state park but as it would happen it rained a lot in the weeks leading up to his party and the park was flooded out. So where do you go when you have to change your plans at the last minute?!?!? Chuck-E-Cheese of course! Luckily I had not made too many Elmo things for his party.