OOT Bags (Out of Town bags)- Overview

We decided that since everyone was traveling a long distance and spending a good deal of money to be at our wedding that we would put together a little welcome bag for each person/couple that made the trip.  Included in each bag was the following: Welcome letter with optional activities ( pretty much telling people what our plans are and if they would like to join us they are more than welcome or they can do whatever they want, because it is their vacation as well!), beach towels (which we bought on sale at the end of the summer season), sunscreen packets, water bottles, candy, and Postcards from Paradise ( we bought postcards while we were in Hawaii).


Thank You’s- Wedding

While I was wedding planning I was constantly on TheKnot. This website both gave me a lot of great ideas and also a lot of getting made fun of by my husband. (In our house theknot/nest/bump is just known as the cult site as he likes to call it). Well, anyways my thank you’s for the wedding came from an idea one of the fabulous ladies on there had.

I bought two white parasols online and bought some aqua acryllic paint at Hobby Lobby. I freehanded writing the word Mahalo (which means thank you in Hawaiian).  Then when we were doing sunset pictures on the beach right after the ceremony I had my sister go grab the parasol and bring it down so that way we could take our thank you card picture. I then ordered the print using a fold style card so that the picture was on the outside and we could write our thank yous on the inside.  Please see top picture for what our thank you’s looked like.

Thank You’s- Bridal shower

For my bridal shower Thank You’s and any other pre-wedding thank you’s that we needed I created and ordered these from Shutterfly.


For favors in Hawaii we gave our guests cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company. We placed them in these boxes that I found at a Wal-Mart while we were in Hawaii. We tied an aqua ribbon around the box and placed one at each seat for every guest. They were very delicious!

For favors at our at home reception we had a bucket of lei’s on the guestbook table for each guest to take. Sorry I don’t have a picture of that.


Since I had a beach wedding I thought it would only be fitting to have centerpieces along that same theme. I chose to have two different centerpieces.

This is the first centerpiece I used at both my destination wedding and my at home reception. I found vases at Hobby Lobby and filled about 1/4 with sand. Then I found some aqua candles (also at Hobby Lobby) and starfish. For my at home reception I used different vases (since we obviously needed more vases there than in Hawaii). I tied an aqua ribbon around the bottom of the vase as well.

This is the second centerpiece that I used. This picture was taken before the floating candle was put on top but you get the picture. For these centerpieces I placed a circle mirror under a long vase with a submerged calla lilly (same type flowers as my bridesmaids had). I placed some aqua glass beads at the bottom of the vase and then put a floating candle on the top.

Polaroid Guestbook


Since I was having a small wedding (only 20 people attending) I decided on an idea I found somewhere online for my guestbook. I bought a Polaroid One600 Ultra Film Instant Camera on Ebay to have my cousin take pictures of each guest to put on their guestbook page.  I bought the scrapbook at Wal-Mart in our wedding color.

I used MyPublisher to create a guestbook page for my guests to fill out while we were taking our sunset pictures inbetween the ceremony and reception. The page has a place for the guest’s polaroid picture. It also asks how you know the bride/groom, where you traveled from, your favorite memory with the bride/groom and special wishes for the bride/groom. In the bottom right hand corner is a predictions box where we had the guests predict the following things: date of first child, how many kids we will have, and where we will settle down/live at. The guests enjoyed it and I still enjoy looking at it and going back to see what things people said.

Fan Programs

When planning a beach wedding I wanted to create a program that might be useful for guests during the ceremony (and trust me it was very warm that day). I decided on making these fan programs that I found on Aylee’s blog.


I used aqua and lime green cardstock from Archiver’s and the white cardstock is from Hobby Lobby. I bought a palm tree punch online from cropping corner (somehow I can’t find the link to their website, I will post it when I find it).

To make: print out the template with your own wording on them. I used an eyelet crimper to get punch a hole at the bottom and add the eyelet. I then tied it together with an white ribbon.  They were pretty easy to make.

Sand Ceremony

Instead of the typical unity candle we chose to do a sand ceremony. I bought this frame that has 3 different pieces of glass inside so that I would be able to slide out the front piece to replace it with a wedding picture instead of an engagement picture. We put the sand inbetween the second and third pieces of glass.

Here is the wording we used for our sand ceremony:

________ and _______, you have committed today to share the rest of your lives with each other. You entered this relationship as two distinct individuals, but from this day forth your lives will be combined. This covenant relationship is symbolized through the pouring of the two containers of sand, one representing you, ______, and the other representing you, ______, into a single larger vessel.

As these two containers of sand are poured simultaneously into the third container, the individual vessels of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined as one. (pour sand)

Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual vessels, so will your marriage remain the combination of your two vessels.

You each will remain individuals, with your own uniqueness, but far more important, is the reality that you are no longer two, but one.


Petal Cones

We decided to put petal cones on each chair at our wedding ceremony. I really liked how tossing flower petals instead of the usual bubbles turned out! I assembled these when we got to Hawaii to save space and flattening.  We attached a tag to these that said: After I do’s please shower the newlyweds with petals as they make their way back up the aisle. I made these from Stardust Vellum and 1/4″ sheer white ribbon from Hobby Lobby (as you can tell this was my home away from home during my wedding planning).

I got the template from Aylee!

What they looked like on the chairs at our wedding.

Here is the close up of the tag we put on there. We used the same stamp on these that we used on the invite boxes.

This is what it looked like as we were walking back up the aisle after the ceremony.

Invitations for Destination Wedding- Message in a Bottle

We decided to do the Message in a Bottle for our invites. We also added a coconut scent to the bottles using a coconut oil fragrance.  Inside the bottles are sand, flip flop erasers, and an umbrella pick. These took a lot of time but I was so happy with the results, I would do it all over again.

This is a picture of my work station where I put everything together. I bought the plastic bottles with cork from here

I printed the invitation on parchment paper from Walmart. I then burnt around the edges of the invitation and blew out the fire before it would go into the words. This is where the most time was consumed making these. After the edges were all burned I took the side of a pencil and rubbed off all the burnt edges so that the only burnt part was right at the end of the paper.

The boxes we sent the invitations out in (they came with the bottles). I think I found the palm tree stamp at Hobby Lobby. I also burned the edges around the address labels as well to go with the overall theme. These were harder to do than the invitations themselves since they were a lot smaller, I have to watch how long the paper burned.

This is what everything looked like inside the box before we sealed them up. Inside the boxes we put the invites, RSVP’s, and a little note saying that the at home reception invite would follow at a different time.

Here is our little note we included about the at-home reception. Nothing fancy, just printed on white cardstock.

These were our RSVP’s. I ordered these postcards from Shutterfly.

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