Glitter letters for word work


So for one of my CIM (Comprehensive Intervention Model) groups we have been focusing on the -op word family. I wanted to think of a way to do our word work in another way other than magnetic letters. I had them make these glitter letters in one of their reading rotations in the general ed room. They also worked with the para on these during that rotation.


Above this student is making the word hop.


When I asked them to break apart the word they were able to break it apart onset-rime.


Changing the /h/ to /c/.


Above she is breaking and checking to see what the new word is that she created.


Goodbye gift to teacher


My co-teacher who I have been co-teaching with for the past 3 years had a little boy at the end of January. She decided to take the whole 12 weeks that she could. So, for 12 weeks I had the opportunity to work with another great teacher (who loves Pinterest just as much as me if not more!). Our guest teacher had previously spent 12 weeks in the kindergarten room across the hall from us as well. So I really got to know her over the course of 6 months. When it was time for her long term to be up I wanted to make it really special for her. I had been starting to work on my One Word end of the year activity by talking about adjectives with my students. I put that project on hold to do something similar for her.

I asked each student to say one nice thing about her. I took a picture of them holding a white board with their response. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a huge poster size frame and some stickers. I think it turned out super cute!

Foot print card- Father’s Day Idea


So I made this last year for my mom’s birthday. My youngest was barely 1 at the time so I thought this would be a cute thing for her. I just dipped his little feet in red paint and placed them on the paper in the shape of a hear. I then drew a line around his feet and wrote on the line From the tips of my toes to the bottom of my heart I love you Nana!



Farm animal reports

Each spring we complete a farm animal research report in kindergarten. This year we split up my class (my co-teacher and myself) to work on this report. I took the students who struggle a little more with writing. To begin we learned about each farm animal by itself and created a can/have/are anchor chart for each animal. Here are some pictures of those:




After our anchor charts were created I had each student write one sentence about that animal on a sentence strip and then we made a group like report together on the bigger replica animals that my lovely practicing student drew for me. Here are those:







Once we learned about all the farm animals each student chose one animal that they wanted to go more in depth about. The students wrote at least 3 sentences using the anchor chart for their animal on their research paper. After they had published their writing we made paper plate animals to represent our animals. My co-teacher also had her group create the paper plate animals but they went about the research process a little more independently. I created a little verse of Old McDonald and drew a barn to add to the hall. I think it turned out super cute!









End of Year Candy Bar Awards


Last year for the end of the year we did candy bar awards. I found them on Teachers Pay Teachers for free. I just searched for some that I liked. The kids really enjoyed getting these and some kids got really lucky and received bigger candy bars because I could not find in fun size candy bars in certain candies at that time. I’m not sure if we are going to do this again or not this year. It depends on how busy we are at the end of the year. With my own daughter in pre-school this year I have her school to think about as well for end of the year gifts so we will see how it goes!

End of Year Water Bottle Gift


I saw this idea all over Pinterest so I decided to give it a try. I used a mini water bottle and a crazy straw (I found packs of 4 for 25 cents at Hy-Vee). I printed out a label I found somewhere on Teachers pay Teachers. I just searched and picked one that would fit with the mini bottles. I added a single kool-aid packet to each and put it all together with a cute ribbon. The kids really seemed to like this.

Mother’s Day Hand Print Flowerpot


This is the Mother’s Day gift I had my students make last year. I gave them the writing prompt of I love my Mom because and then had them write a sentence or two. After they wrote on their flower pots I had them create the flower by painting their hand green and then adding some flower cut outs that I had made using a punch. I think these turned out pretty cute. Now to start thinking about what we are going to make this year….