Perfect Pair (Food Edition) Wedding Shower Gift Idea

One of my really good friends was married in September and this is what I did for her bridal shower gift. Now, I know I am a procrastinator, but with this idea I was literally working on it until the last minute! In the beginning I had just planned on going to the store printing off her registry and then buying something straight from that. However, for some reason the Thursday before the shower I got a crazy idea to check Pinterest for “bridal shower gift ideas.”

20140727-221215.jpgAbove is the container I put everything in. This was on their registry from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It worked out perfectly for everything. I titled it Perfect Pairs Inspired by Dana and Jake: Food Edition

20140727-221228.jpgThis is what the inside of the basket looked like when everything was in it.


Perfect Pairs: The Bride and The Groom because obviously they are the center of the perfect pair theme here! I googled poems and this is the one I liked best. I printed out an engagement photo that they had posted on Facebook and mounted it on black cardstock. I then printed out the poem and also mounted it on black cardstock. I then put it into a document frame mounted on peacock blue (wedding color) because I didn’t want to cut the paper down to make it fit into an 8×10.


Perfect Pair #2: Chips and Dip. My friend absolutely loves a BLT dip mix from a local kitchen shop here in town. So I thought what goes well with dip? Chips of course! So I picked up this cute chip and dip tray and added a cutesy little tag.


Perfect Pairs #3: Movie and Popcorn-  Since I went with a food theme movie and popcorn seemed like the appropriate thing to do. I bought a gift card to the movie store to rent movies since the couple rents movies more often than going to the theater. I also picked up a bucket of popcorn to put the gift card in.


Perfect Pairs #4: Bacon and Eggs. The couple’s favorite place to go eat after a night of indulging in adult beverages is a family owned diner in town. So for bacon and eggs I gave them a gift card so they could go eat breakfast after a night on the town.


Perfect Pairs #5: Cake and Ice Cream. We have a fabulous cupcakery here so I got gift cards to the cupcake store and also a gift card for ice cream.

They seemed to really enjoy the gift. I originally wanted to just get something off the registry but everything that I wanted to get was something you had to special order for delivery or someone else had already purchased the item. I thought this was the next best thing!


Hand Print Ornaments


When my daughter was 1 (she is 4 now) I decided to make these cute ornaments for myself and all the grandparents for Christmas. I think I am going to do it again this year with my son since he wasn’t around yet to make one. These were pretty easy and all the grandparents loved them and everyone still hangs it on their tree each Christmas.

Here is the website I found them at:



The best things… Shadow box handprint gift



My mom lives in Alaska so when I think of gifts to make for her I have to think about what will ship or travel well. Lucky for me my mom and her husband just so happen to be”vacationing” down in Iowa to see family. My mom’s birthday was this past Tuesday  so I had to think of something that would fit in her bag to take back on the plane. Naturally, I turn to Pinterest to get ideas. When I saw this idea I knew it was the one we were going to make. I had a shadow box laying around that I was thinking about putting in a garage sale.

I used a piece of white cardstock cut down to size so that it would fit in the box. I had each of my kids pick a color of paint that they wanted to use. My 4 year old picked pink and my 2 year old picked yellow! The only problem I ran into was the lettering. I used my Cricut to cut out the letters with the intention of putting the letters through my sticker machine and just sticking the letters on the shadow box. Well the sticky back of the letters left a residue on the glass that I just didn’t care for. So I did the more difficult thing and took the paper that I cut out the letters/words from and cut and pasted them onto the shadow box where I wanted each word to be located. Last, I used a black fine tip paint marker that I had laying around and just stenciled the words on the glass. I think it turned out pretty good! My mom absolutely LOVED it!

Hand Print Fireworks

These are also from 2 years ago, finally getting some things posted! First I had my daughter paint her hands with red finger paint. Before the paint dried I had her sprinkle silver glitter on the paint so it could sparkle.


Next, I had her use a glue bottle and put glue anywhere on the black (or dark blue) paper.

  After she had put the glue where she wanted she sprinkled the glue with more silver glitter. We hung these up on the fridge. Sorry I do not have a picture of the final product. I had a newborn at the time as well as a 2 year old and times were crazy!


Foot print card- Father’s Day Idea


So I made this last year for my mom’s birthday. My youngest was barely 1 at the time so I thought this would be a cute thing for her. I just dipped his little feet in red paint and placed them on the paper in the shape of a hear. I then drew a line around his feet and wrote on the line From the tips of my toes to the bottom of my heart I love you Nana!



Mother’s Day Hand Print Flowerpot


This is the Mother’s Day gift I had my students make last year. I gave them the writing prompt of I love my Mom because and then had them write a sentence or two. After they wrote on their flower pots I had them create the flower by painting their hand green and then adding some flower cut outs that I had made using a punch. I think these turned out pretty cute. Now to start thinking about what we are going to make this year….


Spring suncatchers


Wow I am finding a lot of old drafts in my post section of my blog. This was probably one of the first sun catchers we made. I can tell because of the abundant amount of clear space. Now my daughter makes sure everything is all covered up. Also we usually use tissue paper now but the ribbon worked just fine for these sun catchers. Below are some pictures of her making her butterfly and heart sun catchers!







Shamrock shaving cream paint

shavingcreampaint2 I wanted to do something fun with my kids for St. Patricks day. They love to paint so I thought they would like to puffy paint a shamrock. I just free handed the shamrock and then my daughter and I made the puffy paint.

To make the puffy paint I use a can of shaving cream, bottle of Elmer’s glue and green food coloring. Just mix everything together, it’s really simple, and paint!

shavingcreampaint shavingcreampaint3 shavingcreampaint1 shavingcreampaintconner

Saying goodbye to Elfie

It was a very sad day at our house. My 3 and a half year old burst into tears when I told her it was Elfie’s last day with us. To be nice I decided to let Elfie’s magic be lifted for the whole day. My kids loved playing with her. She rested with C and watched Curious George. She even made Elfie go to our family Christmas. After she fell asleep with Elfie tucked in her arms (So she couldn’t go with Santa) Elfie quietly left with Santa to get ready for next year!


My one and a half year old giving Elfie good-bye kisses!

20140106-085627.jpg My three and a half year old playing with Elfie

20140106-085639.jpgOpening up the last gift from Elfie: Christmas Eve presents (jammies and soft fuzzy socks)

EotS drinking smoothie day 15


That silly Elfie! We had McDonald’s smoothies for lunch and while the kids were napping Elfie decided she was thirsty too! C got a kick out of Elfie drinking the rest of her smoothie.

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