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Letter/Not the Letter


I have a student this year who really struggles with letter identification. I have pulled all my tricks out of my sleeve to try and get her to learn the letters. She still struggles with letters in her first name. After I was observed for my Interactive Writing lesson with her on Tuesday I asked my coach if she had any other strategies to try for learning letters because I feel like it’s drill and kill and I was just at a loss of other ways to try and help her learn these letters in a new “fun” way. She gave me the idea to do Letter/Not the letter with her. It’s pretty simple and she liked playing it. We were working on the letter H/h in this lesson for letter work. I wrote 6 uppercase H’s  and 6 lowercase h’s on my easel and then wrote other letters in her name all over the board as well. She had to go to each letter and if it was not an H/h say not the letter. When she came to a H or h she had to say the letter out loud and circle it. In this picture she is fixing her mistake of x’ing out an h. As soon as she x’ed it out she realized her mistake. Does anyone have any other great ideas to learn letters, I’m up for other suggestions as well!