There’s a wocket in my pocket class book


In honor of Dr. Seuss and his birthday, last year our class made a class book based off of There’s a Wocket in My Pocket. I had the students think of a word that rhymes with wocket and then they had to draw their rhyme. We talked a lot about how the characters in this book were not real things. They were made up and how it was okay to write/draw about something that was not real. Below are a few examples of what the students created.





Fiction Story Retelling Anchor Charts



We have really been working on fiction vs. non-fiction in kindergarten since we got back from Winter break. These are the anchor charts I created for fiction. I got the clipart a couple years ago on TPT if I am not mistaken. It is for the story retelling rope but I decided to use them in this way this year. I think it is really helping the kids understand the story retelling process.


Letter Identification/Letter Sounds Bingo Dauber Activity

Letter Identification and Letter Sounds Bingo Dauber Activities

Since some of my students struggle with letter identification still I decided to create this bingo dauber activity packet. You can get it here. I introduced them during small group and then put them at the independent workstation for them to do in reading rotations. I have let them use bingo markers but usually I just let them use dry erase markers to fill in the circle. This is nice because then at the end of their independent time I can quickly glance at the cards to see if they were understanding the task or if we need to still work more on certain letters/sounds during our phonemic/phonological time in our lesson plan.


Letter/Not the Letter


I have a student this year who really struggles with letter identification. I have pulled all my tricks out of my sleeve to try and get her to learn the letters. She still struggles with letters in her first name. After I was observed for my Interactive Writing lesson with her on Tuesday I asked my coach if she had any other strategies to try for learning letters because I feel like it’s drill and kill and I was just at a loss of other ways to try and help her learn these letters in a new “fun” way. She gave me the idea to do Letter/Not the letter with her. It’s pretty simple and she liked playing it. We were working on the letter H/h in this lesson for letter work. I wrote 6 uppercase H’s  and 6 lowercase h’s on my easel and then wrote other letters in her name all over the board as well. She had to go to each letter and if it was not an H/h say not the letter. When she came to a H or h she had to say the letter out loud and circle it. In this picture she is fixing her mistake of x’ing out an h. As soon as she x’ed it out she realized her mistake. Does anyone have any other great ideas to learn letters, I’m up for other suggestions as well!

Thank you banner


I was a bridesmaid in one of my really good friend’s wedding this past September. She knows how much I LOVE to make paper crafts and didn’t want to overwhelm me with making invitations and everything since I was already in the wedding. She did however ask me to make her something for their thank you cards. Now the picture they sent out is on their honeymoon because in the hustle and bustle of the craziness that is the actual wedding day both of us totally spaced it off when we were taking pictures (we forgot it in the car). I didn’t even think about it until the next day, and she figured it out about 20 minutes later when she text me.

The theme for her wedding was Peacock. For the large squares, which I believe were 4 inches I used a navy blue. For the letters I used a turquoise color mounted on a white cardstock circle. For the heart I used a glittery piece of purple specialty cardstock from Hobby Lobby. I then hole punched through the top of the squares and laced a thin sheer white ribbon through the banner to hold it all together. I think it turned out super cute!!!