Fiction Story Retelling Anchor Charts



We have really been working on fiction vs. non-fiction in kindergarten since we got back from Winter break. These are the anchor charts I created for fiction. I got the clipart a couple years ago on TPT if I am not mistaken. It is for the story retelling rope but I decided to use them in this way this year. I think it is really helping the kids understand the story retelling process.



Text to Text Connection Anchor Chart


Over the last few weeks we have been doing a Jan Brett unit. The first week we read The Mitten, last week we read The Hat and this week we read Annie and the Wild Animals. While looking for small group reading books I ran across this book titles The Hat. It was more like Jan Brett’s The Mitten except the animals were in a hat instead of a mitten. We talked about text to text connections and how The Hat that they read in small group made them think about The Mitten that they had read in large group. (I got the idea for these anchor charts on Pinterest).

Below is our comparison chart of The Mitten by Jan Brett and The Hat by Michael Shannon. I was pretty amazed at how well this student was able to make text to text connections. Recalling story information is usually pretty difficult and she normally just makes up random unrelated stuff.


Rhymes- Anchor Chart


One thing that I have been trying to get better at is making anchor charts. For reading I am CIM trained (Comprehensive intervention model) and do Guided reading plus and Interactive Writing lessons. Our main focus as CIM teachers this year is relating our lessons back to the Core and what is happening in the general education classroom. Luckily for me I co-teach large group reading and writing in the general education classroom and just pull out to my office during small group reading. Since I am in the classroom during large group and writing and I help with the planning of the gen ed lessons each week I know the focus and can be a little more prepared than those teachers in our building who are not in a general education classroom or pull multiple grade levels.

My students have been struggling with rhyming this year. Some of my groups are also working on word families during the word work and phonemic awareness portions of our lessons. I found this anchor chart on Pinterest and taped it up on my anchor chart bookcase (when they don’t put doors on your shelves and you have limited space you just make do).