Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

I am a kindergarten special education teacher and co-teach in the general education kindergarten classroom. My normal co-teacher is out on maternity leave and her long term substitute is just as into the creative stuff as I am! So that makes it fun!!! For reading and writing this week we are focusing on Dr. Seuss so we thought why not have a birthday party for him since his birthday was Sunday. I thought having Dr. Seuss “stations” would be fun for the kids.

1. One station we had was called The One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish station. At this station we had a bag of Goldfish crackers put in a bowl. The students had to estimate how many goldfish were in the bowl. I forgot to take a picture. The day was kind of crazy and went so fast!

Also at the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish station was fish hand painting.

2. Station 2 was the Green Eggs and Ham Snack Station. We made green eggs and ham with a skillet that I borrowed from the pre-k teachers. The students in the group took turns helping to make the green eggs, some cracked the eggs, put food coloring in, stirred, helped cook. After the eggs were made they had to each try a bite of green eggs.


We also had a table set up of Dr. Seuss related foods. For One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish we had blue jello with swedish fish. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture, everything that day was just chaos).

The Cat in the Hat food was a banana/strawberry and grape kabob.20140305-212028.jpg

We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes (regular cupcake add frosting and blue cotton candy on top). 20140305-212115.jpg

Also for the Green Eggs and Ham we also had some ham to go along with the eggs.

3. Ooblek Station. At this station the kids got to make ooblek and play with it.

During our writing time I also set up a fun photo booth for the kids to come and take pictures at.


If I could be ANY shape I would be… Writing Activity

couldbeanyshape  couldbeanyshape2   couldbeanyshape1

What does the shape say? 3D


I would like to give credit for the drawings on this poster to one of my special education phase 2 students (teacher prep) for being a great sport and drawing these for me. I cannot draw 3D shapes for anything so I was excited when I found out she was a good drawer and I put her to work!

So our unit that we just finished up was on 2D and 3D shapes. I saw a anchor chart on Pinterest for a play on the song What does the fox say? The anchor chart was what does the shape say? I created the 2D one on the first day of our end of the unit assessment days. You can see that here.

Since we have 2 days at the end of each math unit devoted to finishing up benchmark assessments I decided to create a What does the 3D shape say anchor chart as well.  My sayings for this poster were not the greatest, mainly because I am not feeling well so my creative juices were just not flowing so well yesterday.  Here are the sayings the kids came up with for the 3D shapes:






What does the shape say? 2D


So yesterday we finished up our unit on 2D and 3D shapes. I found this great idea on Pinterest from here. When I saw this on Pinterest I just had to make it. My students are absolutely in love with What Does the Fox Say? So I knew that they would love this. Forgive my drawings, I am in no way an artist.

I had the poster created with the shapes on it and I had the students come up with the sayings for each shape.
Below are close-ups of all the posters.  After we created this poster and the 3D shape poster I had them get into pairs and re-create their own what does the shape say writing and I hung them up in the hall (well, the ones that were done anyways). We did not do a saying for the parallelogram because we didn’t talk about it in our unit I just wanted to float the vocabulary for the students.






The Cat in the Hat craftivity

Last Wednesday we read the book The Cat in the Hat. Most of the kids were familiar with this book so it was a pretty easy read. After we read the book we made our own cat in the hats by using different shapes. In math we are learning about 2D and 3D shapes so this lesson fit in well with what we are learning in math. I found this craft here.

To add to it since we did it during our writing time we had students write -at family words on each strip of the hat.


Horton Hears a Who writing activity

Thursday we read Horton Hears a Who. After we read the book I posed this question to the students: If you were a who what would you tell Horton? The students went back to their seats and wrote what they would tell Horton if they were a Who. After they were done writing they created their own Horton’s. I found this idea here. So I took a picture before the kids put the pink on the ears and also before I put the saying A person is a person no matter how small on the elephant’s stomach. I will update with the final product next week.



Oh the Places You’ll Go (When I grow up…) writing activity

Tuesday to continue our Dr. Seuss theme we read Oh the Places You’ll Go. The students then finished the writing piece When I grow up…  I had them write what they want to be when they grow up.  Then I took a picture of them (I told them to act like they were holding the balloon or were up really high and only a few students did something). I love the ones where it looks like they are leaning on the basket of the balloon. These turned out really cute and I have them hanging from the ceiling in the classroom. I went to Hobby Lobby (50% off scrapbook paper) and created balloons and baskets. Then I cut a pipe cleaner in half and stapled the top of the balloon and the basket to each of the ends of the pipe cleaner. This worked out well just in case I had to adjust the length of the pipe cleaner to fit the picture.

oh the places balloon

oh the places balloon 2

Green Eggs and Ham writing activity

Monday we read Green Eggs and Ham. Since Dr. Seuss birthday was Sunday we decided to go all out with Dr. Seuss today. For writing  we created our own green eggs and ham. I cut out white construction paper to make it look like an egg white and then cut green (yolk) circles. The students glued the yolk to the egg and then had to write about a food that they do not like. I got the idea here.

green eggs

green eggs 1

green eggs 3

green eggs 4

Fox in Socks classroom door

Since Dr. Seuss birthday was yesterday I decided to decorate our classroom door with a Dr. Seuss theme. I scoured through Pinterest and found a lot of really really cute ideas. I decided to go with this door theme that I found here.

During writing on last Tuesday we read the book Fox in Socks. After reading the book I gave each student an outline of a sock and let them decorate them anyway they wanted to. I wrote each student’s name on their sock with a black permanent marker. The kids had fun decorating their socks, especially since we don’t really get to do any coloring in Kindergarten anymore.

To decorate the door, with the help of my fellow co-worker, we put blue butcher paper over the door. Then I cut strips of green butcher paper and cut slits down the paper to look like grass. I then created the Fox in Socks by putting the picture on the Promethean board and tracing it. I used yarn as the clothesline and put clothespins on the door (I also backed the clothespins with sticky tacky to help hold everything up). I used a Command strip hook to hold the basket up and just put socks that I could not find buddies to in and hanging over the basket.


Shamrock shaving cream paint

shavingcreampaint2 I wanted to do something fun with my kids for St. Patricks day. They love to paint so I thought they would like to puffy paint a shamrock. I just free handed the shamrock and then my daughter and I made the puffy paint.

To make the puffy paint I use a can of shaving cream, bottle of Elmer’s glue and green food coloring. Just mix everything together, it’s really simple, and paint!

shavingcreampaint shavingcreampaint3 shavingcreampaint1 shavingcreampaintconner