When I grow up activity poster for Kindergarten




This is a horrible picture so I am apologizing right off the bat. I took this picture 2 years ago when I wasn’t really blogging yet and I just wanted a picture to remind me about what I did the previous year. At the beginning of the year we talk about goals and dreams. I had each student tell me what they wanted to be when they grew up. I wrote it on a white board and took a picture of them holding it. Then I made a poster that I hung on the door for a large portion of the first semester. We went back to the poster quite a few times to talk about what they needed to do (learn their letters/read, math concepts) in order to reach their dreams.

This past year I did another version of this activity. You can see my second attempt at this type of project here. I didn’t do this lesson at the beginning of the year. Instead of doing this activity at the beginning of the year we did it in conjunction with Dr. Suess week.


Daily Schedule




I found this schedule to print out on Teachers Pay Teachers (there are many free options to choose from) and printed and cut it out on cardstock. I then mounted the schedule cards to scrapbook paper. After that I attached the cards to Velcro circles to a corresponding ribbon and also a analog clock on another ribbon. For the heading I took a class picture and printed/laminated/mounted and attached the ribbon and hung it up in the front of the classroom.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, you get the idea!


Alphabet Anchor Charts


imageLast school year I had a couple students who really had a difficult time learning and retaining letter identification. We had done multiple things to learn our letters such as letter books, using various materials/manipulatives, songs/videos and the list goes on and on. I saw a form of this idea somewhere on Pinterest. My students seemed to enjoy these and they liked that they were able to help create the posters. I drew each letter out by hand and then laminated each one so I could re-use them in future years. I used a Vis-a-Vis marker and just wiped them clean at the end of the year. Last year I put the letters up under the corresponding letter on my alphabet line. This year I am not going to use an alphabet line, instead I am going to use our anchor chart posters in that space. I am thinking I will also add the lower case letter and place it under the capital letter on the wall. I do not feel like I need the alphabet line on the wall anymore since I have my big LLI letter linking chart up at all times that the students rely on more than the letter line above the white board.