End of Year One Word Gift



WOW! Is all I can say. Thank you to everyone who has viewed and liked this post. It is by far my MOST POPULAR post ever. I have had quite a few questions about my end of the year gifts and have created a little FAQ to try and help people out. Check it out here.

For the end of the school year gift to my students I created these Tagul inspired pictures for them. Have you used Tagul before? If not, check it out.
I had each student in my class say one nice thing about each student in our classroom. After I collected all the responses I put them all in Tagul and chose to design stars for the boys and hearts for the girls. I made their name the largest and then also the grade and school larger than the rest of the words so they stood out.

The kids loved them and I had a parent tell me at the beginning of this year that her son still has his hanging on his bedroom wall!!! Melts my heart!


Spring suncatchers


Wow I am finding a lot of old drafts in my post section of my blog. This was probably one of the first sun catchers we made. I can tell because of the abundant amount of clear space. Now my daughter makes sure everything is all covered up. Also we usually use tissue paper now but the ribbon worked just fine for these sun catchers. Below are some pictures of her making her butterfly and heart sun catchers!







Polka Dot Flower Pot


So I am a little late on posting this project. I completed this project probably 2 or 3 days before my youngest child was born. He will be 2 in June. I obviously made a mess with all the dirt, probably because my then 2 year old was being a great helper! Anyways I wanted to make something cute for the front steps that showcased our street address. I bought 3 flower pots from Wal-Mart in different sizes. I spray painted the biggest and smallest pots tan and spray painted the middle sized pot a dark blue to try and match the shutters on my house. Then I bought some circle sponge painter things (it’s been so long I don’t know the technical name)  and used a beige paint to put polka dots around each flower pot.

For the address part I created a template on Word on what I wanted it to look like. I then printed it off and used stencil sheets to create my own stencils. I outlined it with a black paint pen and filled it in with white paint. I then used my number stencils and dabbed black paint to make the number address. I used an exacto knife to cut the stencils out.

After everything was dry I sprayed a clear coat on top to seal everything. I am thinking I am going to change it up this summer but don’t know how yet.

What does the Principal do ALL day? Kindergarten Writing


This was one of our writing projects last spring. Our principal was retiring at the end of the school year so I thought this would be a cute book to give her. The kids had a blast making and giving it to her. I also created a slideshow with all the pages on smilebox and added it to the class website so the parents could see the final product.  It was cute to see some of the responses that Kindergarteners have when asked what they think the principal does all day!



Above this student said she makes the announcements.


The student above said she gets to eat gum all day.


And the only student in the whole class to put something like this: She tells us what to do!

I’m thinking I may just try this writing project again this year with our new principal. I think he would enjoy it just as much as our last principal.

Hair bow holder



This is my first attempt at making a hair bow holder. My cousin is having a little girl in June and has a Minnie Mouse theme for the nursery. I found the ribbon at Hobby Lobby (buy when ribbon is 50% off). I also found the wood sign, black acrylic paint, hooks and scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby.

Here’s how I made it (don’t know if it is how you are suppose to but it’s how I made it)! First I traced the wood sign on a piece of extra card stock I had laying around the house, I used 12×12 and it just fit.  I cut it out and then set my template on top of the wood sign and altered it as needed to make it perfect! Then I painted the wood sign in black paint (or whatever color you choose). As the paint was drying I used my template of the sign to trace and cut it out of the card stock I chose to use. After the first coat of paint was dry I added a second coat just to make sure it was entirely covered.

As the second coat of paint was drying I printed out the letter font I wanted (I just couldn’t find any stickers that I loved). I cut the letters out onto black card stock and ran them through my sticker maker. My mom gave it to me as a gift years ago and I had never used it before. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! That thing is amazing (especially since my 4 year old LOVES stickers and I seem to spend money on stickers anytime we go to the store). I stuck the letters down on my card stock cut out of the wood sign. I then used Mod Podge to glue down the card stock to the wood sign. I let it dry and then used Mod Podge to coat the top of the sign as well.

After all the Mod Podge was dry I measured out the length of the ribbon ( I honestly just eyeballed it). I then taped them down on the back of the sign just so I knew where they would be attached. I used some small hooks that were in the wood making section at Hobby Lobby halfway between each ribbon. The hook is for headbands and other hair things that do not have a clip to attach to the ribbon.

The next part of making this sign is where I still question myself. I used some kind of carpet tack to attached the ribbon to the wood sign. My only hope is that the weight of the bows don’t make the ribbon rip through the nail/tack/whatever it’s called. I had to find something that wasn’t so long that when hammered into the sign would go through the entire sign. I then added a ribbon up top to hold the sign up. I also attached 2 picture hooks to the back just in case she didn’t want to use the ribbon to hang it.

For my first attempt at a hair bow holder I think I did a pretty good job. She absolutely loved it when she opened it up and told me she had been looking on Etsy and thank goodness she didn’t find anything she wanted!



Earth Day Writing

harleyearthThe kids loved doing this project! We talked a lot about taking care of the Earth and various things that we can do to help take care of the Earth. These examples are from last year’s class. I am planning on doing it again with this year’s class but I know I won’t have pictures of them up before I want to post this. I will update later to include examples from this year’s kindergarten students.

I then gave each student a circle cut out of white cardstock. I had them draw green land and blue water to represent the Earth. They colored in their Earth and then after they were done I took black paint and painted their hands and they put them on their Earths. I think these turned out adorable and cannot wait to do them again this year!

Here are some more of the Earth Day writings the students did.



Rain Gutter Bookshelves


I saw these rain gutter bookshelves on Pinterest and thought they would go well in my daughter’s room. We put one gutter up above her bed so that way she had easy access to books when she is resting (since she no longer takes naps).

I found instructions on how to make these here.