The Kissing Hand Class Book


Every year on the first day of school we read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Petruly my goal for the school year is to incorporate class books into our reading library in the classroom.

After we read The Kissing Hand I gave each student a page of our book. I traced their hand on the paper and let them color it in. I also asked them how they felt on the first day of school. After they were done decorating their hand they glued a red heart in the middle of their palm to represent the kiss. I got this idea off of Pinterest from Chalk Talk!


And this one below cracks me up!


He said he was wanting to stay home! Oh well, at least he’s honest!!!!


Halloween Suncatchers



So these are from last Halloween but I thought I would add them in this year since I wasn’t a very good blogger last year with a newborn and a 2 year old I kind of always had my hands full, literally! We really love making suncatchers at our house. Well, that is everyone but my husband, but that’s another story! Suncatchers are one of the easiest crafts to create. I bought a roll of contact paper and have been able to use it for many things including a multitude of suncatchers. Last year we made a ghost, spider and a pumpkin suncatcher using black construction paper and white and orange ripped up tissue paper. Super easy and so much fun!


I think for the spider I folded the piece of black paper in half and just made sure to make the inside of the spider large enough for Chloe to be able to add tissue paper to. She wanted to stick to the orange tissue paper so above is her orange spider.


The pumpkin was the first one we made that day. I can tell because it is the one with the most tissue paper. After the first one gets covered she became less enthused to do the other ones. Again I just folded the black construction paper in half and made the center large enough for her to be able to add tissue paper to.


We also made a ghost to go with the Halloween theme. They are fun to make and she loved pulling in the driveway and seeing her ghost, pumpkin and spider in the window!

Pete the Cat I Love My School Shoes Class Book


While browsing Pinterest I ran across this idea for a class book using Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes from Rubberboots and elf shoes. This activity was a hit and students are still reading it daily and it’s almost been a month since I created it!

I took a picture of each students shoes and printed them out and glued them on a piece of paper. Under the picture was a strip of paper that said Guess Who? Under each piece of paper I wrote the students names so that way they could check to see whose shoes each picture was representing.


Super Improvers Kindergarten Space theme


While browsing the internet for ideas on our behavior clip chart I came across the idea from Whole Brain Teaching about A Super Improvers Wall. To read more about it check out . Everyone starts on the beginner color (in my case white). When they get 10 stars they move up to the next color star and determine a new goal for themselves. For the beginner color our class is working on following classroom rules/routines. Once they have got 10 stars we will collaborate to determine an appropriate goal for them to work towards after that, it could be reading, writing, math, behavior anything that needs worked on.