Counting down the days! EotS Day 14

NOTE: Yes, I realize Christmas is over now and I am just getting these pictures up now. I wanted them to be in order and one of my students had a mishap with one of my IPad’s and cracked the screen so I had to send it in to get fixed. Well, I forgot to upload a bunch of the Elfie pictures to my blog. I just got the IPad back after Christmas break on Friday. I had everything typed up I just needed the pictures. So here are the rest of our adventures with Elfie our family Elf on the Shelf:

20140106-104520.jpgChristmas is getting so close! To help remind us how many days Elfie will be with us Elfie decided to create a mini Christmas countdown chain. (Maybe Elfie is excited to go back home to Santa!?!?!). We also created one with red and green construction paper


Eots m&ms day 17


When we went to Walmart C was good so she got to chose some candy at the end of the trip. As luck would have it she forgot about it and it made the perfect thing for Elfie to get into.

Mmmmm, cookies. EotS Day 18


The kids got to go to Grandma’s house for a couple days. While they were there they made cookies and brought some back home. During the night Elfie got into the cookies and decided she wanted to eat them.

Thirsty Elfie EotS Day 20


My kids could go through a thing of Sunny D a day if I let them. I am apologizing for the picture quality on this one. My newer IPad was in the shop and the older IPad I have has horrible picture quality. Well when C went to the fridge this morning she found Elfie hanging on to the Sunny D.

Eots just cruising


Today Elfie decided she wanted to drive around the house.  My son just kept saying Elfie VROOM VROOM!

EotS All wrapped up! Day 16


C has really gotten into writing lately. She wants to write all the names on all the tags for Christmas presents. Since we have been wrapping a lot of presents Elfie decided she wanted to wrap a present too. While wrapping up a giant pen she accidentally wrapped herself up in the wrapping paper.

Saying goodbye to Elfie

It was a very sad day at our house. My 3 and a half year old burst into tears when I told her it was Elfie’s last day with us. To be nice I decided to let Elfie’s magic be lifted for the whole day. My kids loved playing with her. She rested with C and watched Curious George. She even made Elfie go to our family Christmas. After she fell asleep with Elfie tucked in her arms (So she couldn’t go with Santa) Elfie quietly left with Santa to get ready for next year!


My one and a half year old giving Elfie good-bye kisses!

20140106-085627.jpg My three and a half year old playing with Elfie

20140106-085639.jpgOpening up the last gift from Elfie: Christmas Eve presents (jammies and soft fuzzy socks)

EotS drinking smoothie day 15


That silly Elfie! We had McDonald’s smoothies for lunch and while the kids were napping Elfie decided she was thirsty too! C got a kick out of Elfie drinking the rest of her smoothie.