Clothesline matching activity

clotheslinenumbermatch1 I can’t remember where I first saw this activity at, somewhere on Pinterest I’m sure. Out of different colored construction paper I made 20 shirts and 20 jeans. Each shirt had a different amount of dots from 1-20 on them. I think I used the eraser of a pencil and dipped it into black ink. On the jeans I wrote out the numbers 1-20 (1,2,3,4, etc…). From one end of my bookshelf to the other I hung yarn. I tied it around a command strip hook so that it was easy to take off and put back up again when we needed it. The students would match the dots to the written numeral and hang them together on the clothesline. It was an easy activity for them to do independently and I was able to check their work very quickly since I made them put them up in order. (At the beginning of the year I just had them match them not in order since that was a difficult concept for them still). clotheslinenumbermatchDon’t mind the junk on the bottom shelf!


Kindergarten here we come class book

20131112-060310.jpgAt the beginning of the year we really focus on names. For this activity I cut up the letters in each students’ name and had them put it back together and glue it on the page. Then they had to dictate what they like to do to me and I wrote it on the blank space on the page.

20131112-060328.jpgAfter the students had completed putting their names together and drawing pictures of what they liked to do we hung them on a bulletin board in the classroom for everyone to see. After I took them off the bulletin board we made it into a classbook and put it in the classroom library.



Handwriting without tears foam letters



Number rhyme posters

numberpostersOne of the ways we introduce numbers to our kindergarten students is through number poems. I quickly made up posters for each number.

  • 1- Line straight down just for fun, that’s the way we make a 1
  • 2- Around and down and back to you, that’s the way we make a 2
  • 3- Around the tree around the tree, that’s the way we make a 3
  • 4- Go down and over down some more, that’s the way we make a 4
  • 5- Go down around then take a drive, that’s the way we make a 5
  • 6- Monkey tail doing tricks, that’s the way we make a 6
  • 7-Across the sky and down from heaven, that’s the way we make a 7
  • 8- Make an S and close the gate, that’s the way we make an 8
  • 9- A little circle a tall straight line, that’s the way we make a 9


David Goes to School craftivity/bulletin board

20150129-203221.jpgSince it is the beginning of a new school year and many of my kindergarten students have not attended school before we used the book David Goes to School by David Shannon to learn about some rules we should follow at school. After we read the story the students created their own “David’s” and dictated how they will follow the school and classroom rules. I put this up on our small bulletin board in the classroom so that their parents could see them when they came to parent led conferences last week.