Spring door decoration


Springtime has arrived! When trying to decide what our springtime door decoration would be we tried to think ahead to future units of study. We study the butterfly life cycle in the spring so we decided that would be a perfect fit. We had each kid color and write their name on at least one butterfly. We chose to make it in rainbow colors and then put them on the door in that color scheme. I think it looks pretty cute. Next time I think we will add some flowers, possibly sunflowers since we also study the sunflower life cycle in the spring as well.


Leprechaun traps



Last year right before spring break we were talking about St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns. We talked about how we could catch a leprechaun. After we had talked about ways to trap a leprechaun I had the students work together in their table groups to try and make a trap for a leprechaun. When they went out for recess I used green finger paint and painted my fist and dipped my finger in the paint to recreate his footprints. I left the “treasure” (some rolos) in the trap that I thought was the best constructed.