Monogram letter for Outside the house

20141227-164433.jpgLast summer in the final 2 weeks before I had to go back to work for the new school year I had an itch to get something done around the house. To begin with our shutters on the front of our house were blue and looking pretty bad. I wanted an updated “fresher” look so I decided to spray paint them gray. The siding on our house is white so I thought gray would look nice. To add to the exterior “make-over” I wanted to make a monogrammed letter for our house. I decided to go with the first letter of our last name. I really like the chevron look so I knew that is what I was going to use. To begin I spray painted the R a base of white. It took 3 or 4 coats to finish the look.

20141227-164505.jpg I taped off the chevron print and painted the rest gray. This was the result after I took all the tape off in the above picture.

20141227-164532.jpgOriginally I wanted my house number to be in yellow but as you can tell from the first picture I ended up layering black numbers on top of the yellow because you couldn’t see it very well from a distance. I really like it the only negative I have is that since our siding is white the white on the letter blends in too much with the house. Now to hopefully get new siding in the future!


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