Graffiti Table- Focus letters and name


I have been wanting to try something new with my groups on Fridays when I have to do progress monitoring. I saw the idea for graffiti tables on Pinterest awhile ago and loved the idea. I just never got around to implementing them in the classroom. Over winter break I decided that I wanted to give them a try just to see how they went. I made one for each of my 3 CIM groups that related and reviewed concepts from the week. My first student struggles with letter ID and with her name. So I created this graffiti table for her. We have been focusing on the letters h and a this week in a modified interactive writing way (The interactive writing lesson format just wasn’t helping her to make progress so I had to switch it up a little bit).

20150110-101550.jpg  20150110-101424.jpg


Above: Letter writing practice. I left it blank because I am planning on laminating it so that way I can use it multiple times.

20150110-101534.jpg20150110-101440.jpg These are just like our letter anchor charts that we do for each letter. The student will think of things that start with each letter and draw a picture or write a word that begins with the letter.


We have really been working on writing her name so I will put a model on the top line and she will write it on the bottom line. In the other box I will write a sentence and have her circle given letters within the text. I will let her use dry erase markers or wikki sticks.


On the left side I am going to write a capital letter and have her match it to the lowercase letter (right side). I left it blank so I can change it up the next time we use it.



Since rhyming is a struggle I also included it on here. She will have to draw and tell me one word that rhymes with each picture.


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