Graffiti Table- Spring(ish) theme


I have 3 different CIM Interactive Writing/Guided Reading Plus groups during the school day. Each group is working on something a little different than the other groups. I decided that I would try my hand at making each group a graffiti table geared to what we were learning this past week. Due to the weather conditions and having 2 hour delays I did not meet with this group at all last week because their group time was during our specials since the schedule was all messed up from the delay. We will implement this graffiti table at the end of next week. My goal is to have the students work on the graffiti table while I am doing my progress monitoring with another student on Friday. I will try to remember to update with pictures of the students actually working on them next weekend.

Since it is extremely cold outside this week I thought I would create a spring(ish) themed graffiti table to remind us of what is to come in a few months. For this graffiti table I kept some spaces blank within the outlines/activities because I plan to laminate these so that way I can change what I want the students to do by just drawing in with a Vis-A-Vis and erasing it to change it for something else later.


We have really been working on breaking apart onset and rime with the -at family for awhile. For the top of the tree I added the onset and then the sound and they have to draw a picture and write the word of what the word is when blended back together. This is review for them since we have really been working on the -at family. For the bottom of the tree I put in two rhyming puzzles. I did draw these in, I would just try and have the students draw new pictures the next time of another rhyming word.


For the raindrops I did leave them blank so I could switch them up next time I use this graffiti table outline. I will write a letter on the left side and draw a picture of something that starts with those letters on the right and have the students draw a line to connect the beginning sound to the picture.


This week I introduced the -in family to this group. For the sun they have to write a letter at the beginning of __in to make new words in that word family.


For the flowers I will write a letter in the middle of the flower and have students draw pictures or write words that begin with that letter on the petals.


For fluent writing next week we will be working on the words and, like, & my.








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