Graffiti Table- Winter theme


This first week back from break has been a crazy week with weather. We had a teacher work day on Monday and late starts Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday school was cancelled due to the cold. So to say this past week threw us all off schedule a little is an understatement!

I saw the idea for graffiti tables on Pinterest and wanted to give them a try. I wanted to based them off of our lesson that we did that week (what we did for fluent writing, word and letter work, and tie in our new texts). Since I wasn’t able to fit in a weeks worth of lessons with this group we will do this graffiti table next Friday. I will try to remember to update with some pictures of the students working on it.

Next week we are going to read a book titled Making a Snowman and discuss sequencing. I thought it would be nice to include that on the graffiti table. In my rough draft of how I wanted the table to look I just drew 3 boxes for First, Next and Last. When I was actually making it I wanted the table to have a common theme. So I chose winter since we were talking about making a snowman.


For the sequencing part I made a snowman. On the top snowball the students will write/draw what you do first when making a snowman. The middle snowball is for the next thing that you make and the bottom snowball is for the last thing you do to make a snowman. I gave the snowman a rhyming scarf. On the scarf I put two pairs of puzzle pieces. I drew one picture and in the other side of the puzzle piece the kids will draw a word/picture that rhymes.


I decided for the fluent writing and -at word family to make snowflakes. For the -at word family I made a slightly larger snowflake and put -at in the middle. The students will write words in the -at family on the points of the snowflake. We have really been working on the and is for fluent writing so they will practice writing those 2 words on another snowflake.


The thing this group struggles with the most is letter sounds. I knew I had to include it on the table. I was racking my brain trying to think of something I could use in the winter theme for beginning sounds. I came up with mittens. The students have to draw a line from the letter to the picture that has that beginning sound.

Like I said I will try to remember to update with pictures after the students have worked on it and give you my opinion on how well they liked doing this. If it is a flop I will know not to do this again it took a lot of time to put it together. My next step before I let the kids so this is to laminate it so I can use it again in the future.


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