Perfect Pair (Food Edition) Wedding Shower Gift Idea

One of my really good friends was married in September and this is what I did for her bridal shower gift. Now, I know I am a procrastinator, but with this idea I was literally working on it until the last minute! In the beginning I had just planned on going to the store printing off her registry and then buying something straight from that. However, for some reason the Thursday before the shower I got a crazy idea to check Pinterest for “bridal shower gift ideas.”

20140727-221215.jpgAbove is the container I put everything in. This was on their registry from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It worked out perfectly for everything. I titled it Perfect Pairs Inspired by Dana and Jake: Food Edition

20140727-221228.jpgThis is what the inside of the basket looked like when everything was in it.


Perfect Pairs: The Bride and The Groom because obviously they are the center of the perfect pair theme here! I googled poems and this is the one I liked best. I printed out an engagement photo that they had posted on Facebook and mounted it on black cardstock. I then printed out the poem and also mounted it on black cardstock. I then put it into a document frame mounted on peacock blue (wedding color) because I didn’t want to cut the paper down to make it fit into an 8×10.


Perfect Pair #2: Chips and Dip. My friend absolutely loves a BLT dip mix from a local kitchen shop here in town. So I thought what goes well with dip? Chips of course! So I picked up this cute chip and dip tray and added a cutesy little tag.


Perfect Pairs #3: Movie and Popcorn-  Since I went with a food theme movie and popcorn seemed like the appropriate thing to do. I bought a gift card to the movie store to rent movies since the couple rents movies more often than going to the theater. I also picked up a bucket of popcorn to put the gift card in.


Perfect Pairs #4: Bacon and Eggs. The couple’s favorite place to go eat after a night of indulging in adult beverages is a family owned diner in town. So for bacon and eggs I gave them a gift card so they could go eat breakfast after a night on the town.


Perfect Pairs #5: Cake and Ice Cream. We have a fabulous cupcakery here so I got gift cards to the cupcake store and also a gift card for ice cream.

They seemed to really enjoy the gift. I originally wanted to just get something off the registry but everything that I wanted to get was something you had to special order for delivery or someone else had already purchased the item. I thought this was the next best thing!


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