Alphabet Anchor Charts


imageLast school year I had a couple students who really had a difficult time learning and retaining letter identification. We had done multiple things to learn our letters such as letter books, using various materials/manipulatives, songs/videos and the list goes on and on. I saw a form of this idea somewhere on Pinterest. My students seemed to enjoy these and they liked that they were able to help create the posters. I drew each letter out by hand and then laminated each one so I could re-use them in future years. I used a Vis-a-Vis marker and just wiped them clean at the end of the year. Last year I put the letters up under the corresponding letter on my alphabet line. This year I am not going to use an alphabet line, instead I am going to use our anchor chart posters in that space. I am thinking I will also add the lower case letter and place it under the capital letter on the wall. I do not feel like I need the alphabet line on the wall anymore since I have my big LLI letter linking chart up at all times that the students rely on more than the letter line above the white board.



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