End of Year Teacher Flower/Candy Bouquet


Thursday was my daughter’s last day of 3 year old preschool. I wanted to make her teacher and associate something to say thank you for teaching my daughter this past year. I know her teacher is really big into gardening so I knew it had to have some sort of flower/plant involved. So off to the store we went in search of the perfect flower for her teachers. I let her pick any flowers she wanted. She immediately went to the lillies (my mother-in-law has a lot of them in her garden so she knows what they are). She picked a pink one for her teacher and an orange one for the associate teacher.

Being on the Preschool Parent Advisory Board this past year I have also taken note on the snacks that her teacher has brought to those meetings. I added those (a total of 5 boxes of candy) around the base of the flower pot. I used packing tape to attach and then I used a ruler ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby to tie it all together. Lastly I wrote out a little tag for each teacher that said Thanks for helping me grow and had my daughter sign it. I think they turned out pretty cute.  Below are pictures of the tag I made and the other flower/candy bouquet that we made. Since this was such a simple thing to create I had my 4 year old put it all together.

It still hasn’t hit her that the school year is over for her. She also thinks she gets to go to kindergarten next year! At least she will have the same teachers next year (the same teacher I had when I was in pre-school all those years ago as well).




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