Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

I am a kindergarten special education teacher and co-teach in the general education kindergarten classroom. My normal co-teacher is out on maternity leave and her long term substitute is just as into the creative stuff as I am! So that makes it fun!!! For reading and writing this week we are focusing on Dr. Seuss so we thought why not have a birthday party for him since his birthday was Sunday. I thought having Dr. Seuss “stations” would be fun for the kids.

1. One station we had was called The One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish station. At this station we had a bag of Goldfish crackers put in a bowl. The students had to estimate how many goldfish were in the bowl. I forgot to take a picture. The day was kind of crazy and went so fast!

Also at the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish station was fish hand painting.

2. Station 2 was the Green Eggs and Ham Snack Station. We made green eggs and ham with a skillet that I borrowed from the pre-k teachers. The students in the group took turns helping to make the green eggs, some cracked the eggs, put food coloring in, stirred, helped cook. After the eggs were made they had to each try a bite of green eggs.


We also had a table set up of Dr. Seuss related foods. For One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish we had blue jello with swedish fish. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture, everything that day was just chaos).

The Cat in the Hat food was a banana/strawberry and grape kabob.20140305-212028.jpg

We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes (regular cupcake add frosting and blue cotton candy on top). 20140305-212115.jpg

Also for the Green Eggs and Ham we also had some ham to go along with the eggs.

3. Ooblek Station. At this station the kids got to make ooblek and play with it.

During our writing time I also set up a fun photo booth for the kids to come and take pictures at.


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