What does the shape say? 3D


I would like to give credit for the drawings on this poster to one of my special education phase 2 students (teacher prep) for being a great sport and drawing these for me. I cannot draw 3D shapes for anything so I was excited when I found out she was a good drawer and I put her to work!

So our unit that we just finished up was on 2D and 3D shapes. I saw a anchor chart on Pinterest for a play on the song What does the fox say? The anchor chart was what does the shape say? I created the 2D one on the first day of our end of the unit assessment days. You can see that here.

Since we have 2 days at the end of each math unit devoted to finishing up benchmark assessments I decided to create a What does the 3D shape say anchor chart as well.  My sayings for this poster were not the greatest, mainly because I am not feeling well so my creative juices were just not flowing so well yesterday.  Here are the sayings the kids came up with for the 3D shapes:






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