Elf on the Shelf- Day 2

Since today is Sunday and we have church I thought it would be the perfect day to have Elfie all stickered up with some of my daughter’s stickers. When we are at church my daughter’s favorite thing to do is just put stickers all over paper. Seriously the easiest thing ever and she is so focused on it that during the sermon it’s what she does (besides write her name on every piece of paper). So I took the stickers she was going to be taking to church and had Elfie get into them and use them up.20131201-004626.jpg

Don’t worry I can’t let Elfie use all her stickers and not have something to occupy my daughter. So for her special gift today she got some new Christmas stickers to take to church. Below is the picture of her finding Elfie, the letter and her gift. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of her stickers right away but she just couldn’t wait for church, she had to bust the stickers out right away and found other ones she wanted for church!



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