Out of this World themed clip up behavior chart


When my co-teacher asked me what I thought about an Out of this world/reach for the stars theme for our classroom this year I got right to researching different things to do/create. One thing that I kept seeing when looking at behavior management was the concept of the clip chart. In our room we have operated using the stoplight system of red, yellow and green. Everyone started on the side of the chart and when they needed reminders they would move up the stoplight. One thing this system lacks is recognizing students who go above and beyond in the classroom. I had no clue how I was going to turn the concept of a clip up chart to fit our theme but my co-teacher had total faith in me when I asked her if we could scrap the stoplight system we were both accustomed to and switch to this system in order to recognize more students.

I wanted to create a clip up chart that fit into our theme so I knew right away I wanted to create a behavior rocket ship. I used cardstock and backed it on posterboard to make it extra sturdy. I then laminated the rocket to hopefully help it last through the school year.

The sayings that I came up with for our rocket ship were: Red- Emergency Landing (Time-out); Yellow- Reach TOWARD the stars (warning to help them fix unwanted behavior); Green- Ready to Blast Off (everyone starts on green); Blue- Shining Star; Purple- Out of this world.

As you can tell from the picture above we had an AMAZING day this last Friday! This picture was taken at the end of the day (I think it’s fair to say we were in great moods all day and the kids were great). This was our first day with no one ending the day on yellow or red!!!

In order to reward students for their behavior we have a Friday Reward system that we have in place that is based off of our rocket clip up chart. At the end of each day students get tickets that they save until the end of the week. When students end on purple they get 3 tickets, blue= 2 tickets, green= 1 ticket, yellow= 0 tickets, red= owe 1 ticket. For every 5 tickets they have earned throughout the week they get to choose a special reward (post to follow about our reward system).  They have the potential to earn up to 3 extra prizes (15 tickets) each week.


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