Star themed Donation Door


While searching the internet for star themed ideas for our classroom I ran across an idea for a donation door. This just gives parents the opportunity to donate small items that get used up in the classroom. I chose to use the saying “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.” It just seemed fitting for our theme and purpose. On each star I wrote one thing that was fairly cheap (under $5) that would be awesome if parents could donate because let’s face it if it’s not donated it’s something that I will end up going out and buying myself. Some of the items on the stars were: box of cereal, box of crackers, individually wrapped candy, hand sanitizer, sheet protectors, glue sticks, copy paper, cardstock, dry erase markers, reg markers, construction paper, scotch tape and masking tape. Most of the items you can get at Dollar Tree and I’m not picky on brand (Dollar Tree is like a second home for me!) I also included a sign to explain what it was to parents:

donationdoor1Before each parent left I made sure to let them know that by no means did they have to choose anything to donate. We told the parents that they could bring in their item whenever they got it, it didn’t have to be the very next day. We had many people take a star and on Friday we already received one of our donations (box of cereal).


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