Kidney table set up


Once again while browsing Pinterest I came across a couple cute ideas that I wanted to incorporate into my room. I had some money left in my Amazon account from some gift cards so I bought these turquoise Wall Pops dry erase circles. I dislike always having to hand out white boards when I want students to practice/write something. This way everything is all right there. It also works as a work mat so everyone has their own outlined space to work in.

For the fabric I bought this cute turquoise chevron pattern fabric at Hobby Lobby. At Walmart I picked up some Stitch Witchery to hem it together. I can’t sew for the life of me (I want to learn how to though). I cut the length of the fabric after I got home to the measurements that I needed (4 yards for my particular kidney table). Make sure to cut it a little longer than you think since you will be folding the ends over.

After you have your fabric cut to the length you desire fold over about a half of an inch of the edges so that it is a clean mend. Follow the directions on the Stitch Witchery ( Place tape side up on flat non-folded edge of the fabric. Heat up iron and run over paper side for about 2 seconds, enough to warm up the adhesive). Next fold over the fabric so that the Stitch Witchery is covered. Run the iron over the fabric for about 5-6 seconds or long enough to get the adhesive hot enough for the fabric to stick together.


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