First Day of School Picture Frame


While looking through Pinterest to get ideas for back to school I saw many versions of a 1st day of school picture frame where your child holds a picture frame up with their face in the middle. It usually has the year and grade they will be going into.

Well, my daughter is starting 3 year old pre-school this year so I wanted to create something for her. I figured since I was already making it for her I might as well make another grade marker for my students at work.
Here is how I created mine:

I took an old cardboard box that I had laying around (it was a Fisher Price box that had a toy that my son got for his birthday). I used a box cutter to cut out one side so that way it was somewhat straight. Don’t worry about it if it’s not all the way straight, it gets covered up. Next, I found some light blue cardstock and used my Cricut to create a border to use around the edge of the cardboard. You could also use bulletin border edging but I didn’t have any at my house. After I glued down the border for my frame I cut out a star with the Cricut using 12×12 cardstock. I cut the star at 10″. Then I cut out the 1 and DAY at 4″ and the st at 3″ and the squiggly mark underneath at 1/2″. I also cut out a red apple at 4″.

*If you want to make it easier I have seen countless examples of doing this just by using an old picture frame                     without the glass. But when I saw one that was all crafted up I had to make my own!

I then created a crayon box that I added the school year to and a pencil that has the grade level here.  I have included crayon boxes from 2013-2018 and grade level pencils from 3 year old pre-school to 5th grade.

Then I happened to go to Michael’s and I found this cute purple paper so I had to make another frame. I figure the students can just choose which frame they want their picture taken with.


The thought crossed my mind: What am I going to do with these pictures after I take them? Well, I have a few things that I am going to do with them. The first thing I will be doing is printing out each picture and making each parent a card during Parent-Led conferences, which is a week after we start school. On the outside of the card I will have the picture and then on the inside of the card I found this cute poem that I will include.

Another thing I am planning on doing with this picture is to include it in a kindergarten timeline for each parent. How I am doing this is I started our own classroom blog last school year to try and keep parents informed about what their child is doing in school. Throughout the year I will be good about taking pictures of the kids, especially since we have a class blog it makes it easier. At the end of the year I am planning on making a DVD slideshow for each family when their child graduates kindergarten!


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