Very Hungry Caterpillar Children’s activities


Since I really got into the theme of The Very Hungry Caterpillar for my son’s 1st birthday I decided to have a couple children’s activities. Even though we were at a campground with many other things to do some of the kids did sit down for awhile to do some crafts. The materials for these activities were really cheap, I had a lot of it laying around already. In the spring we did a butterfly unit with the Kindergarteners so naturally we did a few craftivities with them and these two are no exception! So when thinking about easy ideas that kids can manage to do on their own these two activities came to mind. The first children’s activity was coffee filter butterflies.

For the coffee filter butterflies the supplies you will need are: coffee filters, markers, clothespins, spray bottle and paper towels if you want to lay them down on something while they dry. Have your children color the coffee filter any way they want. When they are done coloring them you can do one of two things: Option 1. bunch it up in the center and attach it to the clothespin and then spray with water and let dry or Option 2: Spray coffee filter with water before putting it on clothespin. Let it dry and then attach to clothespin. I did option 1 and it worked perfectly in my opinion but when we did it in school some did option 1 and some did option 2, they all turned out great so whatever works best for you. I just wrote out the directions for option 1 and put it up so that people would know what to do on these free downloadable labels from Polkadots and Puppies. I believe there is a blank one at the end that I used to create the labels for the activities.

Here are the finished butterflies from work (I may have gotten too caught up on the day to remember to take any pictures of completed butterflies at the party):


The other children’s activity that we had at Conner’s 1st birthday was called Caterpillar Egg Carton Painting. We also did this activity in our kindergarten classrooms this last year during our butterfly unit. Materials you will need include:I  few egg cartons (I knew there weren’t going to be too many young kids) and cut them into sections that consisted of 3 body part areas), paint (red and green), googly eyes, glue, bowls and paint brushes and children’s aprons.

Have kids paint the caterpillar body and let it dry. After it is dry glue the eyes on. It is really simple. In our classrooms we actually had the kids put the caterpillars in their cocoons using construction paper and color butterfly wings which we attached. The students came to school to see that their caterpillar had changed into a beautiful butterfly.

Here is a picture of my 3 year old before she started painting. As soon as I set it out that’s all she wanted to do was paint. I did not get a end result picture and will have to check to see if I got one at work. What can I say a 1 year old’s birthday party is a fairly busy place!!!


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