Newborn Closet Dividers


So when I was pregnant with my daughter I saw these closet dividers online and decided I would try my hand at creating them. Now I make them for everyone I know who is going to have a baby. I just go with what their theme and color scheme is for the nursery.

I found the wood hangers at Hobby Lobby (I believe they are $1 each). I then bought 2 different colored acrylic paints in the nursery colors or as close to them as possible. I also buy paint pens to compliment the the base color. Now, I don’t think I have made the exact same 5 dividers because I never seem to find a 5th design I just love. I always do the large circles, the ribbon look with a complimentary sticker, the checkered, and the lines with dots. The fifth one here I didn’t care for too much but the last set I did I just used paint pens to make fine point dots all over and it turned out cute (I will see if I have a picture for that.

The first thing I do is paint the wood dividers. Make sure to paint on newspaper in case you get some on something. It usually takes a good 2-3 coats of paint on the entire divider (make sure to paint both sides because you can see both when hanging in the closet!). I then complete the entire design using paint pens on the dividers. After I have created the designs on the dividers I outline with usually either a silver or gold paint pen a rounded box to write the month range for the divider. Make sure to alternate colors with months. Example- Newborn=blue, 0-3= green, 3-6= blue, 6-9 = green, 9-12 = blue. For time and expense I only make through 12 months when making them for gifts. With my daughter I did through 24 months but that was the first time I made them and I had a little extra time.

Back to the tutorial… After you have your rounded outlined box (I used Word to create a rounded box and printed it out and traced it on using a pencil that was it wasn’t disproportional and looked nice. Inside the outlined circle, paint the base color so that it is one solid color. After the paint dries write the month with the paint pen. For any mistakes or touch-ups that may be necessary use a toothpick or fine toothed paint brush to fix any flaws.

Here are some close-ups of the dividers:

closetdividernewbornboy closetdivider0-3boy closetdivider3-6boy closetdivider6-9boy closetdivider9-12boy

After everything is dried and ready to be gifted I find a complimentary ribbon (I use the thick ribbon because this is what will be used to hang divider). For presentation I use that ribbon to tie all the closet dividers together like this:


To use just untie the ribbon and tie it around the bar. Enjoy!!!

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