Polaroid Guestbook


Since I was having a small wedding (only 20 people attending) I decided on an idea I found somewhere online for my guestbook. I bought a Polaroid One600 Ultra Film Instant Camera on Ebay to have my cousin take pictures of each guest to put on their guestbook page.  I bought the scrapbook at Wal-Mart in our wedding color.

I used MyPublisher to create a guestbook page for my guests to fill out while we were taking our sunset pictures inbetween the ceremony and reception. The page has a place for the guest’s polaroid picture. It also asks how you know the bride/groom, where you traveled from, your favorite memory with the bride/groom and special wishes for the bride/groom. In the bottom right hand corner is a predictions box where we had the guests predict the following things: date of first child, how many kids we will have, and where we will settle down/live at. The guests enjoyed it and I still enjoy looking at it and going back to see what things people said.

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