Invitations for Destination Wedding- Message in a Bottle

We decided to do the Message in a Bottle for our invites. We also added a coconut scent to the bottles using a coconut oil fragrance.  Inside the bottles are sand, flip flop erasers, and an umbrella pick. These took a lot of time but I was so happy with the results, I would do it all over again.

This is a picture of my work station where I put everything together. I bought the plastic bottles with cork from here

I printed the invitation on parchment paper from Walmart. I then burnt around the edges of the invitation and blew out the fire before it would go into the words. This is where the most time was consumed making these. After the edges were all burned I took the side of a pencil and rubbed off all the burnt edges so that the only burnt part was right at the end of the paper.

The boxes we sent the invitations out in (they came with the bottles). I think I found the palm tree stamp at Hobby Lobby. I also burned the edges around the address labels as well to go with the overall theme. These were harder to do than the invitations themselves since they were a lot smaller, I have to watch how long the paper burned.

This is what everything looked like inside the box before we sealed them up. Inside the boxes we put the invites, RSVP’s, and a little note saying that the at home reception invite would follow at a different time.

Here is our little note we included about the at-home reception. Nothing fancy, just printed on white cardstock.

These were our RSVP’s. I ordered these postcards from Shutterfly.


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  1. messageinabottle
    May 08, 2013 @ 09:47:10

    This is a must-read post when one has questions on how to create message in a bottle invitation. Hope to read more posts. =)


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